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Mmmmmmm. Icons.

the icons of __beetlejuice

Trapdoor Icons
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*waves* Welcome to Trapdoor Icons, broomsticks's new icon community. At the moment, I'll be the only one posting here but maybe one day I'll decide it'd be fun to have others post their icons too.

Here the most common fandoms you'll find are: Harry Potter, Peter Pan, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Joan of Arcadia, and occasionally an odd Ella Enchanted or Hangman's Curse icon.

My icons were once upon a time at a community plainly called Pixelated, then were moved to taramarie_icons. I got tired of signing in and out of accounts, so after treaclefudge and rubykate threw me some suggestions I decided to make another community instead.

As for the name, I'm not entirely sure where it came from. For some reason I thought of antique_keys (don't ask; I love old keys), attic_key, attic_door, and then the_trapdoor (which was taken, so I took trapdoor_icons). That one stuck out in my mind and then I thought of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone was being kept in a secret room under a trapdoor, which was guarded by Hagrid's three-headed dog named Fluffy (much like Roman mythology's Cerberus). This also gave me an idea for the layout. :)

aurey lil_button serendipitysho
stumphed oxoniensis spiffydaze
callmefreak balcarin teh_indy
solookup quebelly merlyn_temple
dtissagirl ragingquietly
gegenschein saava
inexorablyhere shagalote

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