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Icons: Harry Potter, Hellboy [26 Aug 2004|11:16pm]

So sorry for the extreme lack of updates! Sometimes I forget about this place. I'm bad, I know. 7 Harry Potter and 24 Hellboy.

i wish i hadn't seen all of the realnessCollapse )

Comment and credit if you take.
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Smaller Update [30 Jul 2004|01:30pm]

Yes, bit smaller than before, but I think it's better that way... the last one was just too big.

All of these were also posted at my journal, I believe, so if you saw those you don't need to bother here. :)

you are my only one - right, mary?Collapse )

I also may start posting at the HP icon communities, because I haven't done that in months. So, my apologies for the large amount of crossposted-ness.

Comment if you take.
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I Have Returned! [21 Jul 2004|01:38pm]

1 Alyson Hannigan
1 Drew Barrymore
1 Fefe Dobson
2 Julia Stiles
2 Keira Knightley
1 Leelee Sobieski
2 Lindsay Lohan
1 Liv Tyler
1 Mandy Moore
1 Michelle Branch
2 Nelly Furtado
1 Rachel Leigh Cook
1 Sarah Michelle Gellar

we're counting the starsCollapse )

Harry Potter
4 Harry Potter
1 Harry & Ron
6 Hermione Granger
2 Ron/Hermione
1 Draco/Hermione
1 Draco & Hermione
1 Luna Lovegood
1 Sirius Black
1 Miscellaneous

goodbye to everything i thought i knewCollapse )

Comment if you take. XD
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[10 Jul 2004|12:45am]

Yes, another great big crossposted thing.

2 Harry/Ginny
2 Ron/Hermione
1 Harry/Hermione (friends)
1 Harry Potter
1 Ginny Weasley
1 Hermione Granger
8 Emma Watson
2 Rupert Grint
3 Daniel Radcliffe
1 Miscellaneous
3 Joan of Arcadia

she's his yellow brick roadCollapse )

EDIT: Forgot some icons. Eeesh.
Comment if you take.
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[05 Jul 2004|09:03pm]

Just a big huge mess of icons. *sigh*

5 Harry Potter
2 Harry & Lily
1 Ron Weasley
2 Hermione Granger
1 Ron/Hermione
1 Albus Dumbledore
1 Fleur Delacour
1 Petunia Dursley
2 Miscellaneous
2 Joan Girardi
2 Amber Tamblyn
4 Keira Knightley

There are more, but those are contest entries... look for those soon.

look, it's icons! and cookies, too!Collapse )

Comment if you take.
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[01 Jul 2004|06:14pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I <3 Ronniekins.

PLUS TENCollapse )

Comment if you take. :)

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[28 Jun 2004|10:21pm]


Comment if you take.
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[28 Jun 2004|10:07pm]

I'm in an icon block. Not fun.

I've also been capping Philosopher's Stone, so at least I'm getting a few text ideas from them. I just need new tutorials. :(
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[27 Jun 2004|10:31pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Wheee, icons.

5 Joan of ArcadiaCollapse )

Comment if you take.

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[27 Jun 2004|06:56pm]

Made some so-so Buffy icons last night... these are the first I've ever made.

Comment if you take.
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Peter Pan [21 Jun 2004|06:54pm]

And now, Peter Pan. This should be much, much shorter.

33 Peter Pan iconsCollapse )

Comment if you take.
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Harry Potter [21 Jun 2004|06:54pm]

To start everything off, I'm posting all of my recent Harry Potter icons. There are quite a few icons here, so sorry about that! If you'd been following my posts at taramarie_icons, no need to click. This is basically just for my reference anyway.

66 Harry Potter iconsCollapse )

Whew! Comment if you take.
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[21 Jun 2004|06:53pm]

*waves* Welcome to Trapdoor Icons, broomsticks's new icon community. At the moment, I'll be the only one posting here but maybe one day I'll decide it'd be fun to have others post their icons too.

So anyway, that's my introduction. XD
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